Eyes Opened

    God has opened by eyes to the subtle ways the enemy has gained footholds into people's lives by drawing them into false religions and alternative therapies. I learnt that if the root of the practice is not godly then the outworking or fruit cannot be either - an apple tree only bears apples. A reminder again that what we do with our body affects our mind and spirit too and that we can't separate each part expecting God to bless ungodly behaviour.

    God reminded me that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that what enters me through my eyes, ears, mouth, nose and touch affects his expression in me and through me. Interestingly, idols in my life have dulled my senses to Him because I became like them (Ps 115) deaf, mute, blind. God is removing that veil between us so that we can relate face-to-face, as it was meant to be. Praise God!

Anonymous, 2017, Deliverance Ministry