Healing from Wounding

    I have the tools to go through my past wounds and reframe and heal them through God's truth and word. My young son has also gone through a lot of hurt and trauma because of family and domestic violence and I have the tools to support him emotionally and spiritually as we heal and move forward together.
    I have been medication for anxiety and depression since the family breakdown and I forgot my medication at home and was without it from Friday to Sunday. But God showed me it isn't a mental health condition but my grief from childhood and the end of my marriage that is coming out; and that I need to feel and go through this grief as a part of my healing. He also reassured me the grief will not bury me as He will uphold me. That being said, I am speaking to my GP to get me off the meds.
    Lastly, I always asked God why He moved me to Australia. I understand now that His wanting me to have a better life also means healing from my wounding. There is no ELLEL or any healing ministries in my home country.

Anonymous, 2018, Inner Damage and Healing