Superb Experience

    I yearn for more hands-on ministry practise at this stage of ModB. We learn a little by lecturing, and this is enhanced by group break outs, etc, but I feel really unbalanced and undeveloped at this stage. ModA Ministry workshop was superb. I experienced giving and receiving ministry there that seemed to cut deeper somehow, perhaps by the power of trust built between Mod delegates. At this stage I believe we need to grapple more with experiencing how God works in and through us, with a coach alongside.

    Deeply impressed by what YHWH has bonded to me/us in unbreakable covenant, which underpins and empowers deliverance. This has fed into the ongoing unresolved tension and turmoil of my own splintered marriage covenant, with some peace, and re-turning to Christ for intimacy and firm hope.

    I am also much more keenly alert to searching out the roots of what/who I am engaging with, without fear, but with discernment and freedom to say no.

Michael, 2017, Deliverance Ministry