Accident & Trauma

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Healing From Trauma
This teaching contains 1 session in mp3 or CD format. The mp3 link (30mb) is emailed to you immediately after...
Healing from the Consequences of Accident, Shock & Trauma
Click the icon below to preview this book:Traumatic events leave a scar on broken lives. Unhealed trauma is one of...
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Click the icon below to preview this book: This book is a moving story of courage and faith in overcoming...
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Healing the Wounded Heart (Teaching)
This teaching contains 7 sessions in mp3, CD or USB format. The mp3 link (359mb) will be emailed to you immediately after purchase...
2021 Picking Up the Pieces: Healing for Accidents & Traumas
Doctors recognise that those who experience a sudden accident or trauma are not just damaged in their physical bodies but...