Deep Wounds, Deep Healing

Deep Wounds, Deep Healing

An Introduction to Deep Level Healing

A poor self-image. Chronic depression. A bitter divorce. The trauma of sexual abuse. Why do some wounds fester and refuse to heal, even after we seek help from those who specialize in treating deep emotional pain?

Kraft believes that in order to experience real and lasting freedom from a painful past, we must understand the powerful link between spiritual warfare and inner healing. It is only when we recognize and reject the enemy's influence on our most hurtful memories that we can receive complete restoration in mind, heart, and spirit.

Deep Wounds, Deep Healing is a complete guide to deep-level healing. Whether readers are seeking restoration for themselves or for those under their care, this book will enable them to recognize the spiritual roots of emotional wounds and invite God's presence into those darkest of places. His power is the hope of freedom and inner healing.
CHARLES H. KRAFT is a retired professor of anthropology, intercultural communication, missiology, contextualization, and spiritual dynamics (inner healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare). Kraft is the author of more than 30 books and numerous articles in the fields of his expertise. He is also an internationally renowned speaker and president of Deep Healing Ministries. He has been used by God to lead thousands to spiritual and emotional freedom in Jesus Christ.

Title Deep Wounds, Deep Healing
Teachers/Authors Charles Kraft
Product Type Book
ISBN 9780800796730