Your Foundation in Christ

Your Foundation in Christ

Live by the Power of the Spirit


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Do Your Beliefs Reflect the Truth?

The third study in the Victory series, Your Foundation in Christ, is comprised of six-sessions that reveal how you can live by the power of the Holy Spirit and relate to other believers with acceptance, affirmation, and a forgiving heart.

Neil Anderson's classic book Victory Over the Darkness has helped millions of readers find freedom in Christ as they experience spiritual breakthroughs. But is not enough to break free from the past. Those who want to grow in Christ must follow Him faithfully by learning about Him as a true disciple. Anderson's eight-study Victory Series shows believers how to become firmly rooted in Christ and set apart for Him. 

Includes leader's guide, reflection questions, and practical application.
DR. NEIL T ANDERSON, founder and president emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries, is the author of over 60 books. He has spent over 20 years equipping the church to establish believers free in Christ.

Title Your Foundation in Christ
Teachers/Authors Neil T Anderson
Product Type Book
ISBN 9780764213816