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Truth & Freedom DVD Study Guides
A practical guide to accompany the Truth & Freedom DVD series, providing a framework for further group or individual study...
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Beautiful Outlaw DVD Series
He was accused of nearly everything‚ÄĒbreaking the law, keeping bad company, heavy drinking and being the devil himself. He was...
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Killing Lions: Campfire DVD Series
Experience the wild, daring adventure of becoming a man. Powerful things take place when guys get together to talk about...
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Truth & Freedom DVD Set
These teachings, by Peter Horrobin, were recorded at Ellel Grange in the UK (the international headquarters of Ellel Ministries) on a...
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Living the Life DVD Boxset & Study Guide
Peter Horrobin uses real life testimonies, parables and illustrations to unlock some of the most difficult theological and life issues...
The Bait of Satan (includes DVD)
Are you compelled to tell your side of the story? Do you fight thoughts of suspicion or distrust? Are you...
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