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Free Taster Day at Ellel Sydney - Jan 2021
An opportunity for those who have not attended an Ellel event before, to hear foundational and relevant teaching, free of...
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2021 The Big Picture: Exploring God's Foundations for Life
$190.00 $142.50
All of us are born with questions about life and eternity etched deep in our hearts. We have a God-given...
2021 Picking Up the Pieces: Healing for Accidents & Traumas
Doctors recognise that those who experience a sudden accident or trauma are not just damaged in their physical bodies but...
2021 Knowing God: Character & Nature of God
For many of us there can be a disconnect between knowing about God and truly knowing God in our hearts....
2021 Overcoming Rejection
Being rejected can have a massive impact on our lives and those who struggle with rejection know that it affects...
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2021 God's Master Key: The Power of Forgiveness
When Jesus spoke from the Cross, “Father forgive them”, He released to humankind an immensely powerful key for restoration from...
2021 Understanding Freemasonry
The roots of Freemasonry are not only hidden from outsiders, but also from most of the men that get involved....
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2021 Lost & Found: Remedy for Rejection
If there is one thing that would really change our sense of well-being it is to know that we are...
2021 God's Enemy Exposed: Healing Through Deliverance
The Bible tells us not to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices. God’s word sheds light on who our enemy...
2021 Inside Out: Inner Damage & Healing
God is our Creator and Designer. He knows each person individually and loves each one unconditionally. But despite His great...
2021 Knowing Me: Restoration of the Human Spirit
This course follows on from our 'Inside Out' course and takes us deeper into understanding the functions of the human...
2021 Connected: God's Design for Relationships
Life consists of relationships! When God made us in His image, He made us relational human beings, created to live...
2021 Sheltered: The Antidote to Fear & Anxiety
For many of us fear and anxiety are regular companions along our life journey. For some there is a specific...
2021 Explore A Workshop: Ministry Practice
A dynamic workshop exclusively for Explore A students giving the opportunity to implement, while supervised, what has been taught in...