What is Wholeness?

What is Wholeness?

(Truth & Freedom #39 of 55)

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This stimulating and easy-to-listen-to teaching will help you to understand the struggles you have in functioning in God's will, and where you need healing ministry. 

Salvation is a life-long process. We've all been affected by evil in the world and our own sinful choices.

Ken teaches from the Bible about the various parts which make up a human being and how they can lack wholeness or be damaged. 

Our human spirit needs feeding, our mind needs renewing, our will needs training and our emotions need releasing. 

He includes teaching on how to impart life into people's human spirit, the importance of free will and the dangers of passivity.

The Truth & Freedom series brings anointed and dynamic teaching based on the renowned teaching program from Ellel Ministries. They are suitable as stand alone teachings.

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KEN HEPWORTH is a man with a heart for God's people and a desire to see the Church, both locally and globally become all it is destined to be in Christ. He has served the local church for over 36 years as an evangelist, pastor and then teacher & prayer minister with Ellel Ministries.
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Title What is Wholeness?
Teachers/Authors Ken Hepworth
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