Law & Grace

Law & Grace

(Truth & Freedom CD #20 of 55)

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God’s Law is an expression of God’s heart and His grace towards you, given to protect you from harm.

This teaching will encourage you and deepen your understanding of the Biblical principle of sowing and reaping and the relationship between God’s Law and His Grace. 

Peter explains that spiritual law, like the physical laws that control the universe in which we live, are unchanging. Just as there are consequences when we ignore physical laws, so too there are consequences when we break or ignore spiritual laws.

God’s word and his commandments are an expression of God’s heart and His grace towards us. They are a warning given to protect us from discovering and bringing upon ourselves the consequences of breaking God’s unchanging spiritual laws.
The Truth & Freedom series brings anointed and dynamic teaching based on the renowned teaching program from Ellel Ministries. They are suitable as stand alone teachings.

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PETER HORROBIN is the founder and international director of Ellel Ministries and the author of Ellel 365, the online healing, training and discipleship program, and author of numerous other resources, including Healing through Deliverance, Forgiveness - God's Master Key and the popular small group series Living the Life. Peter’s greatest priority is bringing God’s healing to those in need and sharing from his extensive experience as he teaches others the principles and practice of the healing ministry.

Title Law & Grace
Teachers/Authors Peter Horrobin
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