Ellel Ministries Sydney Calendar of Events

June 2020


God's Enemy Exposed
Exploring Healing Through Deliverance
12 - 13 June
  In this course we look at what the Bible says about Satan and his demons.

It brings a fundamental understanding of spiritual warfare and possible enemy strongholds.


Overcoming the Impact of Childhood Traumas
with Dr Kam Wong
19 - 20 June
  Have you ever wondered how and why you became the person you are?

Do you understand the impact childhood trauma can have on your life?

Join Dr Wong as he explains practical steps to achieve healing from your childhood traumas.


Exploring Our God-Given Identity
26 - 27 June
  In wanting to 'fit' into a world that demands us to conform, we often find that we hide or lose something of our own unique personhood which leaves us feeling lost, confused and unacceptable.

This course seeks to help us find a renewed confidence in the uniqueness of who God made us to be.

July 2020


CANCELLED: Who's Carrying Whom?
Co-dependency, Attachment Theory and Addictions
with Thom Gardner
10 - 12 July
Unfortunately, due to health reasons Thom Gardner is unable to travel this year.

Possible replacement events will be announced in due course. Thank you for your understanding.

From Devotion to Destiny
with Thom Gardner
17 - 19 July
Unfortunately, due to health reasons Thom Gardner is unable to travel this year.

Possible replacement events will be announced in due course. Thank you for your understanding.
24 - 25 July
  We live in times of much turmoil and confusion.Insecurity and chaos have pervaded our society.

Even within the church we can get conflicting messages, unhealthy extremes and wrong teaching.

This course will help you build your life on God's Word, grow in discernment, and avoid and be set free from deception.

29 July
  Raising Godly children in today's world is one of the hardest but most important jobs a parent has to do.

This event will help you encourage your children to grow in their strengths and faith, listen to your child's heart, discern their struggles and pray effectively for them.

31 July - 1 August
  In this course we will explore how the various parts of our being work together to develop the whole person, and how to receive healing for wounds of past experiences.

August 2020


14 - 16 August
  Dallas Willard said: "The primary story of God is finding men in whom He can entrust His power."

As men we have often been entrusted with power, but have not always used it well.

This event is for men who want their story to be different!

21 - 22 August
  This course will explore what it means to be broken in soul and spirit by accidents and traumas, and how the promise of Jesus to 'bind up broken hearts' can bring restoration and healing to our whole being; spirit, soul and body.

22 August
  An opportunity for those who have not attended an Ellel event before, to hear foundational and relevant teaching, free of charge.

Morning tea and lunch are also provided for free on the day, so bookings are essential.

28 - 29 August
  Much of how we behave and what we believe about ourselves, others and God, stems from our life's experiences, especially in the earliest years of childhood.

This powerfully impacting course is about bringing healing for parental and other childhood wounding.

September 2020


11 - 12 September
  This course explores the deeper functions of the human spirit and how Jesus can bring restoration to the damage caused by past experiences.

19 - 20 September
  Ellel Ministries warmly invites you to view a slice of the Macarthur family heritage, the historic Gilbulla homestead (c. 1899), its beautiful gardens and woodland.

25 - 26 September
  Many of us have lost ourselves in the busy-ness of life.

Come and take this rare opportunity to 'be' rather than 'do', experiencing God's healing heart through a variety of creative workshops as He helps you rediscover you!

October 2020


16 - 17 October
  God made us to be relational human beings created to live in dynamic relationship with both Himself and others but sometimes this is not the case for everyone.

Come and find out how to move forward in your relationships and receive healing for past wounding.

30 - 31 October
  Scripture reveals God has planted seven longings, or desires, within the heart of every woman.

This course brings awakening, healing and discovery of your destiny as a daughter of God.

November 2020


6 - 8 November
  This retreat is for those who are serious about discovering and understanding:

Why you are here,

What you most powerfully bring to the world, and

How God communicates this to you.

Explore your life's purpose and destiny.

13 - 14 November
  For many, fear and anxiety are constant companions.

Come and learn how you can fully trust God and bring the worries of your heart to Him for healing.

December 2020


4 - 5 December
  Examines root causes behind why life's stresses lead to anxiety and burnout, and provides practical guidelines for finding God's peace and handling stress in a Godly way.


More Coming Soon ...