Free Events

If you have never been to an Ellel Ministries event before and would like to find out more, or you would like to introduce your family, friends or church members, we would love to welcome you to any of our free events.

Free Teaching Days
Free teaching days and free taster events are regularly held at Ellel Sydney and occasionally at locations closer to Sydney's city centre. Please see our Calendar of Events for free events coming up.

Healing Retreats
Many people have attended an Ellel Ministries Healing Retreat and have testified to the wonderful things God has done in their lives. The aim of a Healing Retreat is to offer you a period of time set apart to meet with God, to take a step forward in your Christian walk and to reach out to Him for healing. They are usually held over a two day period. Healing Retreats provide a special opportunity to receive teaching which covers key biblical principles related to receiving healing for spirit, soul and body and to receive confidential personal prayer ministry. Healing Retreats are offered free of charge to those who attend, so donations to cover costs are much appreciated. There are times for worship, teaching, prayer ministry and personal reflection.

Free Events for Senior Pastors
A key part of the vision for Ellel Ministries is to be a resource to the local church. We would love to offer Senior Pastors and their spouses an opportunity to have some "time out" at no charge. Please click here for more information.