The Way Forward

August 2020

Dear friends

The doors of Ellel Sydney have re-opened - but in a very limited manner!

We are primarily inviting just our longer-term school students to return for some very limited events in the hope we can help them complete their Schools by the end of the year. Prayer Ministry is still not yet available to the degree that it once was in the pre-Covid days.

We will continue to update you as we move forward.

Under the new regulations, we are quite limited regarding how many guests we can accommodate which sadly makes it impossible to open events to larger numbers, as we once used to do. In keeping with the new government regulations for social distancing and hygiene, we want to be able to run these limited events safely, hence the restriction of participants. It is our heart that in 2021 we may be able to begin opening the Centre more widely to welcome back initially all of our regular guests, and also our new friends.

This time of lockdown, we know, has been painful, lonely and unsettling for many of you, and as we re-emerge with some limited on-site events it is vital to remember that our God is not limited in any way whatsoever! He’s not restricted by time, space, guidelines and certainly not by any pandemic. We do serve an amazing God!

So, as we gradually re-open the doors of Ellel Sydney – which will be in stages over the coming months - we are confident that God will move powerfully in the lives of those Ellel School students who are invited to come on-site, and eventually in the lives of others as we re-introduce more onsite events where possible.

Be assured we have taken every precaution to keep everyone safe as a registered Covid19-Safe organisation.

A massive thanks to all who have prayed and supported the ministry during this time. That intercessory and financial support will still be needed as we continue moving forward into this new frontier.

With every blessing,
Paul Ryan, Centre Director, Ellel Sydney

Click here to read our COVID-19 Policy.