Video Download Instructions for All Devices

1. After clicking on the link in your email, click to open the link under the course title.


2. This will open up another website in your internet browser with the videos available within the course you purchased. Click to open the first video.


3. Underneath the video's play bar there is a button that says "Download". Click this.


4. Some videos will have download options appear after clicking the download button. All options contain exactly the same content, the only difference is the quality of the image and the size of the download file. 

If you have limited internet data you may wish to choose the option starting with SD (Standard Definition) as it will use less data. The best quality videos will be the option at the bottom starting with HD (High Definition) and has the largest number of pixels (eg. 720p).


5. The file you selected will start to download and will be available either in your downloads folder, files app or media player.


6. Press the back button on your internet browser to return to the home page with all the videos available in your purchased course. If you cannot return to the previous web page, re-enter the website through your email link.


7. Repeat the steps to download the remaining videos.