1. Do you live on-site for the year? What is the accommodation like?
  2. Yes, a part of the YDT program is living on base for the year in this house (arrow to photo of house). 

The base is on 52 acres of property with a pool, basketball court and a 2 km walking track. It has 3 lounge rooms to hang out in, one with a grand piano and a fireplace. 

Cert IV and Diploma students room together, with there being separate girls and guys rooms. 

*Insert photo of rooms (if allowed -possibly set up room 8 for a photo) *


  1. What is the main thing a YDT does all day? ((PHOTO of YDT cleaning, cooking and serving meals))
  2. A typical day for a YDT includes setting up and cleaning the base for the upcoming courses as well as studying a Cert IV. There are class times, fun nights and life skills spread throughout the weeks as well.


  1. What would I walk away with at the end of the year? (Study wise)

It’s incredible to see the heart transformation that occurs through the YDT program and how students mature in the life skills.

  1. It’s hard to describe the life skills that are learnt as well as the heart transformation that occurs through the YDT program. For those who are Australian Citizens, it will be a 10742NAT Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology, delivered under the auspices of Unity College Australia (RTO 6330). 


  1. Is it close to shops and transport? ((PHOTO of train station and of someone tapping on))
  2. Ellel has a communal team car that is available for use (provided you have a valid driver’s license), as well as the blessing of being 2.9km walk from a train station. The nearest shopping centre (Macarthur Square) is a short 14 minutes’ drive, Austinmer beach is 45 minutes and the Sydney Opera House is only 1 hour away! 


  1. Would I have much time off? ((PHOTOs of adventures, games and people hanging out))
  2. Each week students have 2 days off (usually Sunday & Monday). Cert IV students are on holidays for about a week after term 1, 2 & 3, with a total of approx. 20 days throughout the year. This is a perfect time to go visit family, see the sights around Australia or hang around the base and relax. 


  1. Do I have to cook my own meals? ((PHOTO of people sitting around eating a meal, with a photo of the food))
  2. Lunch and dinner are provided most work days. On the days off there are leftovers and access to our dry store, cooler and a selection of frozen meat.



  1. Are you a church? What denomination are you? (PHOTO of people talking to one another, maybe at reception))
  2. We are a non-denominational Christian mission organisation with a vision to resource and equip the Church.


  1. Where are you located? ((PHOTO = Map with sticker saying, you are here. Then another photo of how long it takes to get to Macarthur Square.))
  2. We are located in New South Wales Australia in a quiet town called Menangle, in the Macarthur area, however just 15 minutes away is access to a large shopping centre (and even a maccas).


  1. What is YDT’s vision? ((PHOTO of people worshipping and doing devotions))
  2. YDT’s vision is to raise you as confident and mature men and women who are empowered to make a Kingdom difference in communities and nations by fulfilling your God-given calling.



If you have any further questions, feel free to contact or DM us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.