Year of Discipleship & Training (YDT)

Each one of us is called into something greater than we know. Our destiny is to seek God and to awaken our desire for relationship with Him. We are CALLED for a purpose - to be restored and to discover our true identity. We have all made choices that take us in a different direction than we hoped we would go, yet there is hope! YDT creates an opportunity to be RESTORED, so you can walk confidently into your calling, for an adventure of a life-time. Being equipped to be a world changer and to LEAD this generation into a deeper connection with Jesus. The IMPACT you have in this world is greater than you may know and YDT helps you to dive deeper into discovering that.

YDT is a unique experience for young adults between 18-25 years of age with the purpose of that is to raise and equip whole and mature leaders for the future; young men and women of calibre who can make a Kingdom difference in the world around them and who are better able to cope with pressures, stresses and challenges in life - within the Church, their workplaces and the wider community.

Questions? Feel free to contact us ... either by emailing or by phoning +61 (02) 4633 8102