Becoming a King (Book)

Becoming a King (Book)

The Path to Restoring The Heart of a Man


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What is the most important thing?

Every boy knows he was made to be powerful. As an acorn carries the blueprint of the oak tree, so the heart of every boy holds the possibility of becoming a good and trustworthy king. Yet often headlines confirm what we know from our own stories; the anguished consequences of masculine power gone awry. Masculinity is in need of restoration. But what is the way, and how can men find it?

In Becoming A King, Morgan Snyder helps men
    • transform a secret life from a hidden struggle to their deepest strength,
    • live in true courage and vulnerability,
    • become people God could entrust with the care of His Kingdom, and
    • be better understood by the women who love them.

Join Morgan as he ventures into a path and process that restores the heart of a man. Curated and distilled over two decades, and mined from the lives of more than seventy-five sages who have gone before us, he has found the most important thing. And he wants to share it with you.
Becoming a King is also available as a men's video Bible Study. Click here for the DVDs and click here for the Study Guide.
“No one has challenged me to become the man I was created to be, and shown me the path to getting there, more than Morgan has over the past several years. It’s exciting that that path is now in print. I can’t wait to get this book into the hands of all the men I know and the women who love them.”
- Greg Lindsey, lead pastor, Discovery Church Colorado, Colorado Springs

MORGAN SNYDER is a passionate husband, father, entrepreneur, teacher and speaker. He serves on the Wild at Heart executive leadership team and for more than two decades has helped lead sold-out events around the globe alongside JOHN & STASI ELDREDGE. In 2010, he established, where he offers soul strengthening and connection for a fellowship of like-hearted men who are committed to becoming the kind of people to whom God can confidently entrust the care of his kingdom.

Title Becoming a King (Book)
Teachers/Authors Morgan Snyder
Product Type Book
ISBN 9780785233381