Becoming a King (Study Guide)

Becoming a King (Study Guide)

The Path to Restoring The Heart of a Man

The great problem of the earth and the great aim of the masculine journey boil down to this: when can you trust a man with power? - John Eldredge

Masculinity is in need of restoration. But how do you become the kind of man - the kind of king - to whom God can entrust his Kingdom?

In this six-session video Bible Study, journey with Morgan into a process that helps men recover true courage and vulnerability.

Curated and distilled over more than two decades, and mined from the lives of over seventy-five sages who have gone before us, Morgan shares what he discovered: an ancient and reliable path to restoring the heart of a man and becoming the kind of man who can wield power for good.

The study guide includes video notes, group discussion questions, and between-session personal study for each session.

Sessions include:
    • Becoming Powerful
    • Becoming a Son
    • Becoming the Man You Were Born to Be
    • Becoming a Generalist
    • The Way of Becoming
    • Becoming a King

Designed for use with the Becoming a King Video Study DVDs, sold separately.
“No one has challenged me to become the man I was created to be, and shown me the path to getting there, more than Morgan has over the past several years. It’s exciting that that path is now in print. I can’t wait to get this book into the hands of all the men I know and the women who love them.”
- Greg Lindsey, lead pastor, Discovery Church Colorado, Colorado Springs

MORGAN SNYDER is a passionate husband, father, entrepreneur, teacher and speaker. He serves on the Wild at Heart executive leadership team and for more than two decades has helped lead sold-out events around the globe alongside JOHN & STASI ELDREDGE. In 2010, he established, where he offers soul strengthening and connection for a fellowship of like-hearted men who are committed to becoming the kind of people to whom God can confidently entrust the care of his kingdom.

Title Becoming a King (Study Guide)
Teachers/Authors Morgan Snyder
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ISBN 9780310115243