Boy's Passage, Man's Journey

Boy's Passage, Man's Journey

Discover how to develop a strategic plan for young men-in-the-making using the powerful principles of lifelong mentoring, intentional blessing, and rites of passage. Lead your son into manhood by design rather than by default.

Never has the transition from childhood to manhood been more dangerous or more confusing than it is today. With tragic results, today's boys rarely learn from the adults closest to them what it means to become a man.

In this celebratory and hopeful book, Brian Molitor, a father of four, shows parents and other concerned adults how to bless young men with mentoring, intentional blessing, and rites of passage, so that they become the men God created them to be. Offering compassionate and creative solutions, Molitor shares:

  • What other cultures do to recognize a boy's coming of age,
  • Biblical foundations for mentoring, intentional blessing, and rites of passage,
  • How Parents can celebrate their son's coming of age,
  • What churches can to do help boys grow into mature manhood and,
  • Tips for single parents and others with unique circumstances.

BRIAN D. MOLITOR is the Founder of the Malachi Global Foundation, a non-profit organization that exists to turn the hearts of fathers to the children and the hearts of children to their fathers. For many years, Mr. Molitor has been the keynote speaker at business conferences, retreats, corporate meetings, and church services, worldwide.

Title Boy's Passage, Man's Journey
Teachers/Authors Brian Molitor
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781932096064