Complete Truth & Freedom Video Teaching Series (BY DONATION)

Complete Truth & Freedom Video Teaching Series (BY DONATION)

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This 11-part Truth & Freedom video series is taught by Peter Horrobin, founder and international director of Ellel Ministries. It is packed full of Biblical teaching on foundational healing topics and is illustrated with real life examples and dramas throughout.

The Christian life is a pilgrimage. The Truth & Freedom series of programs was devised so as to help Christians fulfil their destiny in the pilgrimage of life. Each of us not only needs to know God personally but to know how to receive His healing and be restored through the saving and healing power and love of Jesus.

This Truth & Freedom series is also available in DVD format.


1 - What is Healing & Why Do I Need it?
The Christian life is a pilgrimage. The Truth & Freedom series of programs was devised so as to help Christians fulfil their destiny in the pilgrimage of life. Each of us not only needs to know God personally but to know how to receive His healing and be restored through the saving and healing power and love of Jesus. This resource captures the heart of some very key issues relating to healing and discipleship.

2 - Foundations for Healing
Using drama demonstration, Peter clearly teaches how we consist of body soul and spirit and how we are affected by the consequences of the Fall. The loss of relationship with God is at the root of disease and sickness but God has a plan for restoration and healing. Peter explains the Old Testament promises of healing and blessing and how they relate to the prophetic vision of Jesus at the cross. He teaches on the importance of the virgin birth and how Jesus broke Satan’s control on earth, demonstrating with drama the ongoing struggle we have with our flesh and spirit.

3 - Healing, Discipleship and the Laws of God
Peter teaches about bringing order and restoration to our lives and looks at whether there is any conflict between law and grace. He explains the place of free will and the need to obey God’s commandments. The new covenant brings the fullness of God’s blessing and a new remedy for sin.

4 - The Healing & Deliverance Ministry of Jesus
Peter gives in depth Bible teaching on the inner healing Jesus brought to the paralysed man, the woman at the well, the woman taken in adultery and the apostle Peter. He also looks at the physical healing and deliverance ministry of Jesus and gives some exciting modern day testimonies of healing.

5 - Inner Healing & Emotional Wholeness
In this session Peter teaches how the physical condition of our body reflects things that are wrong on the inside and gives many real life examples. We can be crushed in our spirit or damaged in the area of our mind, will or emotions. We can also have a spirit of infirmity. We need to discern the root cause of sickness and suffering and not just pray about the symptoms we see on the surface, such as irrational reactions, obsessions, masks and unreality. Peter will explain how to begin the steps towards inner healing and emotional wholeness.

6 - Healing Through Forgiveness
Forgiveness is one of the key principles for healing and Peter teaches on the importance of facing up to our sin issues which can be at the root of sickness in our lives. Dealing with unconfessed sin enables God to bring forgiveness, healing and blessing to us. It breaks Satan’s power over our lives. Peter also teaches about the power released when we forgive others. He clarifies the process of forgiveness and helps us to get rid of any confusion about this subject. He shares many wonderful testimonies of healing where this principle of forgiveness has been applied.

7 - Understanding Deliverance
Jesus delegated authority to His disciples to proclaim the kingdom, heal the sick and cast out demons. Later on, in the Great Commission, Jesus gave the same authority to the whole of the Church. Using drama demonstration, Peter clearly teaches about the difference between possession and having a demon. Peter teaches on the various entry points that the enemy uses to affect us and includes many real life testimonies. By a humorous drama he illustrates the truth about generational influences in our life, which can be a mixture of blessings or curses.

8 - Overcoming Rejection
Peter explains how the curse of rejection started in the human race and how the rejection of earthly parents can affect our whole life, causing a distortion in our perception of God. Jesus came to show us the true character of God, our heavenly Father. Healing begins with forgiveness of those who have hurt us by rejection and we must go on to accept God as He really is and learn to accept ourselves. Peter will explain the different entry points of rejection in our lives and explains how Satan can rob us of our gifts and destiny. Rejection could even be at the point of conception or at birth. We need to understand the damage in our lives, unpick the mess and be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We can then receive healing and deliverance.

9 - Sex & Sexuality
Peter teaches on God’s order for sexual relationships and how to get out of the mess of ungodly ones. We are sexual beings and God intended intercourse within the marriage covenant to bring a one flesh relationship of mutual blessing. Peter teaches in depth on the biblical meaning of adultery and one flesh ties which are ungodly. Drama illustration is used to explain the serious consequences of sexual relationships outside the marriage covenant. Peter shares how God is forgiving and can set us free but there must be true repentance as a first step.

10 - Fear and How We Overcome it
Some forms of fear are God given and necessary in life, but people can suffer from negative fears which control their lives and prevent them from knowing God’s best for them. There are questions we need to ask about the root cause of these fears and there are steps to take in the process of being set free.

11 - The Truth Shall Set you Free
Peter applies the teaching of John 8:31-32 to the difficult question of why some do not get healed when we pray for them. There are real issues which need to be faced and responsibility required before we can enter into the blessing that God intends for us.

PETER HORROBIN is the founder and international director of Ellel Ministries and the author of numerous resources, including 'Healing through Deliverance', 'Forgiveness - God's Master Key' and the popular small group series 'Living the Life'. Peter’s greatest priority is bringing God’s healing to those in need and sharing from his extensive experience as he teaches others the principles and practice of the healing ministry.
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