Dealing With Depression, Loss & Grief

Dealing With Depression, Loss & Grief

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When there is a loss in our life (where someone/something of value has been taken from us) grief is designed to follow. But when we are unable to grieve appropriately - for various reasons - depression can occur.

Many ask us at Ellel Ministries:
  • What defines loss?
  • How do we know whether we have fully grieved?
  • What are the common roots to depression?

This teaching will answer these questions using scripture and drawing from the ministry room experience that Ellel Ministries brings. This will be invaluable for those in pastoral care of others and those who have suffered loos or find themselves depressed and are unsure how God wants to heal them.

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Title Dealing With Depression, Loss & Grief
Teachers/Authors Ellel Sydney
Product Type Teachings (Audio)