Dealing with Jezebel & the Religious Spirit

Dealing with Jezebel & the Religious Spirit

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Jesus never sought to control or manipulate those around Him, nor did He tolerate the controlling, religious behaviour of the religious leaders of the day.

Controlling behaviour and religious driven-ness give the enemy strongholds over people's lives.

This teaching examines the deep issues of how and why people control and explores links with religious behaviour. It also offers ways to be free from controlling and religious influences.

1 - The Jezebel Spirit Identified
2 - Characteristics & Impact of Jezebel Spirit
3 - Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit
4 - Introduction to the Religious Spirit
5 - Characteristics of a Religious Spirit
6 - Overcoming the Religious Spirit
7 - The Process of Moving Forward in Restoration
PAUL WATSON was an Anglican Minister before joining Ellel Ministries with his wife Diane in 2004. Together they led the work at Ellel WA before relocating to the UK in 2015 where they now lead the work at Ellel Pierrepont. Paul is also part of Ellel Ministries International Executive and is Regional Director for Australia, the Pacific and India.

PAUL RYAN is the director of Ellel Ministries Sydney and was a senior pastor for many years before he and his wife, Joanne spent 2 years training at Ellel’s international headquarters in the UK. They returned to Australia in 2002 to help establish the first Australia Ellel Ministries centre in Sydney. Paul's challenging yet humorous teaching style comes with vulnerability and honesty, powerfully conveying biblically based kingdom truths.
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Title Dealing with Jezebel & the Religious Spirit
Teachers/Authors Paul Watson & Paul Ryan
Product Type Teachings (Audio)