Dealing with Stress, Anxiety & Burnout

Dealing with Stress, Anxiety & Burnout

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Do you feel weighed down by stress and anxiety or wonder if you are close to burnout? If so, this is the course for you.

This much-needed teaching will help you to find the true peace you are searching for, which comes only from Jesus. It looks at the root causes of anxiety and stress and how these can be dealt with through healing and prayer ministry. Biblical principles are also given to show how we can handle stressful relationships and situations in a godly way.

Teaching includes the following:

Causes and symptoms of stress and anxiety
Change, conflict, loss, expectations of others and bereavement are just a few of the many pressures of modern life. As these become too great to handle, the whole person is affected and there are changes in the way we think, feel, behave and relate to others.

Inner weaknesses
Our ability to manage life's circumstances is related to the degree of our inner wholeness. Damage and unhealed areas in our soul and human spirit affect how well we are able to deal with stress-producing situations.

Healing for stress, anxiety and burnout
Learn to identify the root causes of your stress and anxiety and how to bring these to the Lord for healing.

Living with pressure
Learn scriptural principles and practical guidelines for handling everyday pressures in a godly way to reduce the stress, tension and anxiety that we all experience.

PAUL & DIANE WATSON previously held leadership roles in Ellel Sydney, Ellel Pierrepont in the UK, Ellel International and oversaw the work in Australia, the Pacific and India. They have returned to the Anglican Ministry and are pastoring a church in Western Australia.
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Title Dealing with Stress, Anxiety & Burnout
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