End Times Teaching Series

End Times Teaching Series

with Rev. Dr. Alistair Petrie

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Throughout the years of Biblical history, certain indicators have occurred whenever God calls His people to attention. Presently, we are living in a time in which the plumbline of God’s Word has become increasingly “flexible” and one in which the fear of the Lord is largely misunderstood, especially within the Church. We are living in a society with fewer boundaries - one in which entitlement and lawlessness seem to prevail. Indeed, we are living in serious days and it is imperative that the Body of Christ responds to what the Lord is so clearly saying to His Church today. The signs of the times are all around us!

During this six part series, we will examine what the ways of the Lord mean for us in the 21st Century and how we respond to the many signs that the Lord is indeed rousing Himself in our midst. We are entering a new phase in the global arena, and God is inviting us to a new way of thinking: His way! “Knowing Him” should not be limited to our past experience of His deeds. Knowing and applying His Ways with fresh understanding releases an inherent blessing. This enables us to walk and live in the fear of the Lord – to navigate the many subtleties of deception growing in our midst, and to see how He longs to give us breakthrough in the most challenging circumstances of life through 'Prophetic Ditch Digging'!

We are living in extraordinary days – but as we will see in this series, we serve an extraordinary God who loves us with an extraordinary and extravagant love.
Session 1: Precursors & Warnings - For Such A Time As This!
God is speaking to His people – but are we listening? God is not silent. He is challenging us to open the eyes of our hearts and to hear and receive what He is saying to His Church today. Deception is on the rise – and we need a fresh encounter of the Living Word in order to handle the Word of Truth correctly (cf. 2 Timothy 2:15). Deception is often framed in partial truth and we can easily fall under its influence – but it is in knowing and applying His truth that we are set free above the circumstances of the day (cf. John 8:31-32).
Session 2: Revival & Restoration - Understanding the Fear of the Lord
Encountering the Lord is not based on a simple formula. If we want an authentic Presence-Filled experience of God in our midst, then there are conditions. Having correct protocol and preparation is essential if we are to know the difference between having a slave mentality towards God as opposed to a sonship mentality.
Session 3: The Fear of the Lord - Running to, not from the Lord?
Experiencing the Fear of the Lord in our lives is to experience His confiding in our lives (cf. Psalm 25:14). The benefits of having His fear at work in our lives is totally extraordinary. It not only changes people – but cities, and even nations. However, as we will learn during this session, it also involves making choices!
Session 4: Rediscovering the Ways of the Lord in the 21st Century
There is a major difference between simply knowing about God – and knowing His ways in our lives with intimacy and passion. Often people purely want His deeds, but this also releases His warning (cf. Psalm 106:15). If we are going to live in the End Times and make a difference in our various spheres of influence, then we need to rediscover what the Ways of the Lord are from His perspective. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9).
Session 5: The Ways of the Lord - Activating the Promises of God
Scripture provides many examples of God at work in the lives of His people – but often in unexpected ways. Get ready for an encounter with the Lord when we allow Him to engage us – but on His terms! It may not be what you expect. Moses knew the Ways of the Lord, but the people only wanted His works. This is the challenge for the Church in the 21st Century.
Session 6: From Breakdown to Breakthrough - "Prophetic Ditch Digging"
In this final week we see why it is time to stop walking in circles and to start addressing our circumstances in such a way that we can receive the promises and blessings from the God of Breakthrough. This is essential when we are in impossible situations. At times we may feel He has abandoned us, while in fact He is preparing us to address issues in a manner we have never experienced before. It is now time to enter our Inheritance!
REV. DR. ALISTAIR PETRIE served for many years in both the United Kingdom and Canada, as senior pastor in diverse city church settings. With that experience and his earlier years spent in professional broadcasting, he now serves as the Executive Director of Partnership Ministries, a global ministry that teaches the principles for lasting revival, authentic transformation and the release of Kingdom culture to communities, cities, nations and the marketplace. As well as being an international speaker, Alistair is the author of several books. Alistair is married to Marie and along with their two sons, Mike and Richard, their entire family serve the wider church and the marketplace in the global arena.
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