Entrusted: Becoming a King (Men's Event)

Entrusted: Becoming a King (Men's Event)


“The primary story of God is finding men in whom he can entrust his power. The story of men is being entrusted with power and it bringing harm to themselves and those under their care.” - Dallas Willard

What will your story be men?

There is an ancient path that leads to wholeness and maturity and the masculine journey is for those who’ve chosen this road less travelled. Men willing to do the excavation needed to walk this path recognise they cannot do it alone. If you want to be entrusted with power and the ability to not bring harm to those under your care, join us and connect with like-hearted brothers seeking the same.

Most Christian men set off wanting to change the world! But then the realities of life start barrelling in like a raging river! Growing pressures; church responsibilities; professional burdens; relationship/marriage/family issues; financial stress; life’s tragedies! At the edge of our capacity to survive... all of our margins just evaporate. Many men find themselves barely hanging on - tired, disillusioned and emotionally bankrupt. How did we end up here! And more importantly, how will we find and remain on the narrow road that leads us back to life?

  • What if rather than “building big”… God is inviting us to turn the model on its head and start digging?
  • What if digging deep into our hearts to sift out what blocks our growth was the necessary first foundation?
  • What if Father God was inviting us into a decade of being apprenticed along the narrow, ancient path?
  • Would you allow Abba Father to take you on such a journey?

In the words of William Marshall: “Such a thing so costly in the learning, that a wicked man dare not undertake it.”

Event Details

 2 - 5 November, 2023 (Thursday - Sunday)
Location: Ellel Ministries Sydney, 710 Moreton Park Rd, Menangle, NSW, 2568.

This event commences at 7.30pm on the Thursday and concludes at 1.30pm on the Sunday with lunch. Course fees include all meals and refreshments from Saturday breakfast, through to and including Sunday lunch. Please note there is no evening meal provided Friday before the course commences.

We provide separate male and female accommodation. All accommodation is shared with up to 6 people in a room. Please bring your own bed linen or sleeping bag along with a towel. Doona and pillow are provided. Linen and towels can be provided at a cost of $15.

Please arrive to register from 6:30 pm. Collect your name badge and course notes from Reception. After registration, you are welcome to relax with a free tea, coffee or filtered water in the dining room before the course commences.

Unfortunately we cannot cater for special diets, food allergies or intolerances. We suggest if this is a concern for you that you bring your own food to supplement what is provided. There is a refrigerator and microwave oven in the dining room you are welcome to use if needed.

If coming by public transport there is a railway station at Menangle, about 2 kilometres from us at "Gilbulla". As long as you let us know what time you are coming, we are happy to collect you from the station when you arrive and arrange to get you back there when the course concludes.

Dress is comfortable casual clothing. We look forward to having you with us and pray the Lord will minister powerfully to you during your time here.

If you have any further questions or would like to book with the minimum deposit, please call our office on +61 (02) 4633 8102.

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