Fight Like a Man

Fight Like a Man

A New Manhood for a New Warfare

9/11 parted an unholy curtain to reveal the enemy of God and humanity as rooted in shame-based religion. That revelation has dramatically shifted the focus of warfare today from military battles to the hearts of men. To win this war, we must first face and overcome that very enemy in ourselves.
Most Christian teaching for men today tells us what we should do, the terrible consequences for not doing it, and even the wonderful benefits of doing it. It's basic, Old Testament teaching.  It’s truth without the grace Jesus brings that enables us to do it (John 1:17).

We can't get our masculinity either from women or other fatherless men. This epic impasse is precisely the moment God has designed to reveal Himself as Father and to prepare men for our true destiny as His Kingdom warriors.

Fight like a Man is not about how to be a man, but instead, knowing the One who rescues and restores men.

You won't learn a technique here; you'll remember your longing for a relationship. You won't be exhorted to obey; you'll be invited to trust. You won't be commanded to do right; you'll be freed to be real. You won't be warned to be strong; you'll be promised your Father's strength. And if you're honest, you'll be battling for your life.

In Fight like a Man, you'll learn how God works in a man to

- Dispel the fear of making a mistake
- Heal the shame of not measuring up
- Overcome addictions
- Overcome racism
- Bless--and be blessed by--your child
- Battle alongside your wife as allies
- Use your wounds to shape you as His warrior

GORDON DALBEY's first book, Healing the Masculine Soul, helped to pioneer the Christian men's movement in 1988 and was followed by Sons of the Father: Healing the Father Wound in Men Today and Fight Like a Man: Redeeming Manhood for Kingdom Warfare. He is a popular speaker at conferences and retreats around the world and has appeared on many radio and TV programs.

Title Fight Like a Man
Teachers/Authors Gordon Dalbey
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ISBN 9780615523705