Freedom from Generational Sin & Generational and Family Blessings

Freedom from Generational Sin & Generational and Family Blessings

This is a combined edition of Ruth's popular books Freedom from Generational Sin and Generational and Family Blessing. Bringing together the two strands of how God wishes to bless the family line but also how weaknesses and sin can also flow from one generation to the next this combined edition presents the entire teaching in one volume.

Have you ever asked yourself why you seem to be repeating the same pattern of fears and phobias that obsessed your mother's life? Why you are drawn irresistibly to pornography or why you we so fascinated with the occult? Ruth shows that while we we all responsible for our own sin, it is possible to be battling continually against a family weakness, and until it is recognised, confessed and repented of, you will continue to struggle to walk in freedom.

The Scriptures tell us that our Heavenly Father desires to pour out blessings upon His children, those who trust in Him and have been born again into His family through His son, Jesus Christ. Ruth explains in her direct and clear way the conditions under which we can expect to receive God's blessing. Topics covered include:

  • Generational blessing
  • Household blessing
  • Hindrances to blessing
  • Keys to freedom

RUTH HAWKEY trained as a Primary School teacher and has written and broadcast several children's stories on local radio and has a heart for hurting children (of whatever age) within the Body of Christ. Along with her husband Joe, she has worked in the healing ministry (including Ellel) for many years, both teaching and ministering into the lives of many hundreds of people.

Title Freedom from Generational Sin & Generational and Family Blessings
Teachers/Authors Ruth Hawkey
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781905991891