Freedom to Grow, Safety to Fail

Freedom to Grow, Safety to Fail

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Four video sessions sent via download that you can access anytime and anywhere. The link to download all sessions is emailed to you immediately after checkout. No shipping or taxes involved! Please note that you will not receive any physical hard copy for this purchase.

During this four session course we will be looking at the whole area of covering.
  • How does this apply to Christians?
  • Is it important to be under covering and how does that work?
  • What happens when authority becomes abusive? And how can we be healed from the wounds inflicted by those who were meant to protect us?
  • How does covering work in marriage, family relationships, church and the workplace?
  • Is it true that we only have authority when we are under authority?

Adam and Eve enjoyed freedom and protection in the garden before the Fall but as soon as they were disobedient they knew they were naked as they had come out from underneath the covering of God. Their disobedience to God's authority robbed mankind of that freedom and protection.

Many believers have not fully understood the significance of being under Godly covering and instead have wanted to be independent of all authorities that God has put in place for their protection and freedom.

This is a topic that we should talk about because many have suffered and kept silent without hope and understanding.

Join us as we look together at this life transforming truth that releases us fully into the people God intends for us to be. This is a present day message clothed with hope for every believer who desires to walk in the fullness of their healing and destiny.
JILL SOUTHERN was a successful business woman before answering God's call to join Ellel Ministries and was the director of Ellel Pierrepont near Farnham in the UK from 1994 to 2015. Jill remains on the Executive Leadership Team Internationally and is still based at Pierrepoint, and continues to exercise her dynamic teaching gift.
Note: This material is copyright and cannot be copied or distributed without written permission from Ellel Ministries Australia.

Title Freedom to Grow, Safety to Fail
Teachers/Authors Jill Southern
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