Fruitful & Gifted

Fruitful & Gifted

(Truth & Freedom #16 of 55)

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We need both the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

This teaching will benefit all those who seek to be used by God and be a blessing to others.

Jim inspires and encourages us to take truth from the Bible deeper into our lives so we can be equipped, effective and more fruitful in the future. 

He explains how our individual uniqueness and our growth in holiness are so important to God, who wants us to abide in Him.

Teaching on the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, Jim shares wonderful real life testimonies, which help us to understand how fruit is produced and how we can receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit into our life and be a blessing to others.
The Truth & Freedom series brings anointed and dynamic teaching based on the renowned teaching program from Ellel Ministries. They are suitable as stand alone teachings.

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REV JIM GRAHAM has been one of Peter Horrobin’s (founder of Ellel Ministries International) closest friend for almost 25 years. Jim has taught at different Ellel centres and conferences on many occasions and his fatherly input, encouragement, correction and direction have always been immensely valued. He served as an ordained pastor for 27 years, ministered worldwide and was President of British Youth for Christ for 10 years.
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Title Fruitful & Gifted
Teachers/Authors Jim Graham
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