Getting to the Root of the Problem (2023)

Getting to the Root of the Problem (2023)


Have you been prayed for repeatedly for the same issue and yet it never seems to shift? Or do you feel like you've been going round and round in circles without any lasting freedom?

Maybe you've found that a simple prayer works temporarily, but the problem keeps cropping up.

We have found that people can come for prayer with a problem they have had for many years and - though they try - they seem unable to shake it. Though the symptom might temporarily go away, it seems to come back repeatedly. We believe this is because the root of the problem has not been dealt with and unearthed.

If a tree's roots are planted in unhealthy and damaged soil then there will be bad fruit. Some examples of bad "fruit" in our lives can be jealousy, inability to commit, addictions, and even physical sickness. These issues are not the deepest problem, but rather are an expression of a deeper problem - the root. If someone has received much prayer for a problem yet it still remains, there could be a deeper root.

God knows the foundations of your being and the key areas that have affected your life. If the fruit is there, there will be a root. This course offers the opportunity to receive some personal prayer. You will also to discover the principles of praying in depth into people’s lives, about different types of roots, how they get there, and how to remove them. The course will include teaching and ministry into areas such as:

  • forgiveness
  • the effects of damaged relationships
  • personal sin
  • generational iniquity
  • dealing with buried emotional pain and wounding
  • holding faulty beliefs.

Event Details

Date: 29 April, 2023
Location: Ellel Ministries Sydney, 710 Moreton Park Rd, Menangle, NSW, 2568.

This one day event commences at 10am on the Saturday and concludes at around 5.00pm.

Lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea are provided.

Please arrive to register and collect your name badge and notes at Reception from 9:30 am. You are welcome to relax with a free tea, coffee or filtered water in the dining room before the day commences.

Unfortunately we cannot cater for special diets, food allergies or intolerances. We suggest if this is a concern for you that you bring your own food to supplement what is provided. There is a refrigerator and microwave oven in the dining room which you are welcome to use if needed.

If coming by public transport there is a railway station at Menangle, about 2 kilometres from us at "Gilbulla". As long as you let us know what time you are coming, we are happy to collect you from the station when you arrive and arrange to get you back there when the course concludes.

If you have any further questions or would like to book with the minimum deposit, please call our office on +61 (02) 4633 8102.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

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