Healing the Wounded Heart (Scriptural Truths CD)

Healing the Wounded Heart (Scriptural Truths CD)

Scriptural Truths CD

This teaching is only available in CD format at this time. The pack contains 1 CD.
This CD is an accompaniment to Thom Gardner's books Healing the Wounded Heart The Healing Journey and also to Thom's recorded teaching Healing the Wounded Heart.

These spoken scriptural truths combat the lies associated with:
  • fear
  • rejection
  • worthlessness
  • shame
  • insecurity
  • defilement
  • hopelessness

THOM GARDNER has ministered as a Bible teacher and pastor since 1986, and is now president of Restored Life Ministries. Thom is married to Carol and they both travel internationally to equip leaders through retreats and training seminars using techniques of interactive encounter of the presence of Christ through the Scriptures. Thom holds a Doctor on Ministry focused on Spiritual Formation and is an adjunct professor of Spiritual Formation at Winebrenner Seminary. Thom has been an associate teacher and prayer minister with Ellel Ministries since 2012 and regularly runs courses at Ellel Sydney.

Title Healing the Wounded Heart (Scriptural Truths CD)
Teachers/Authors Thom Gardner
Product Type Teachings (Audio)