Intercession & Healing

Intercession & Healing

Breaking Through with God

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This book is for ordinary people in their walk with an extraordinary God. It is about breaking through with God in the most difficult of life’s issues. The author explains in down-to-earth, practical terms about: Godly order, anointing, strongholds, discernment, the human spirit, faith and healing, covenant, angels & demons and much more. After decades of ministering to the needs of the hurting, ranging from severe mental health issues to physical healing, Fiona has learnt powerful principles of intercession and healing. In this essential book, she conveys her passion that the healing ministry is an integral part of Christian growth and shares a wealth of practical, hard-won experience.
This book is part of the 'Truth & Freedom' series based on the renowned reaching program from Ellel Ministries International.
FIONA HORROBIN has a strongly compassionate heart and has ministered extensively into broken lives over more than twenty years. From the lessons learnt, she helped pioneer many of the training courses run by Ellel Ministries. Fiona’s passion is for healing to be integral to discipleship and growth in Jesus. She has taught and ministered worldwide at conferences and training events. She is the author of the book Intercession and Healing and has taught many courses.

Title Intercession & Healing
Teachers/Authors Fiona Horrobin
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781852405007

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