It Isn't Free and It Isn't Masonry

It Isn't Free and It Isn't Masonry

A Doorway to Release from Freemasonry's Unseen Curses for Masons, Their Families and Descendants

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Freemasonry in your direct family bloodline or by personal involvement results in personal problems not usually attributed to this source. This book will help you discover, diagnose and remove them.

Join the many who can now live their lives as God intended. Mental freedom, spiritual sensitivity and freedom, physical restoration from many maladies, recovery from financial difficulties - all are attainable to those seeking help from God to set them free from the curses of freemasonry.

Founded on the Word of God, steeped in twenty-four years of freemasonry ministry in conferences, Bible Schools, personal ministry and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, It Isn't Free and It Isn't Masonry will lead you from discovery to discovery - first about God and then about the mysteries of freemasonry. Through a set of amazing, scripted prayer ministry dialogues you can, by the power of God obtain new freedom and healing.
OTTO BIXLER and his wife Sharon joined the Ellel Ministries full-time team in 1990 and began the work of Ellel in Eastern Europe and Russia in 1992. He is Regional Director of Ellel East, a member of the Executive Leadership, an ordained Vineyard pastor and teaches worldwide for Ellel. He has recently authored a few books which have come out of his 18 years of ministry in the Ellel East region. His heart is to establish the Kingdom of God in churches wherever he goes through the equipping of the saints and helping in their restoration process.

Title It Isn't Free and It Isn't Masonry
Teachers/Authors Otto Bixler
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781852408701