Killing Lions

Killing Lions

A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face

The Challenge Before You Is a Bold One: To Accept the Wild, Daring Adventure of Becoming a Man.

We want to be self-sufficient. Find our own direction as we pursue our dreams. Know it all and never ask for help.

Isn't this how most guys approach manhood? On our own, pretending we are doing better than we really are?

But sooner or later the thrill of independence gets lost in the fog of isolation. It's time to take the pressure off. We were never meant to figure life out on our own.

This book was born out of a series of weekly phone calls between Sam Eldredge, a young writer in his twenties, and his dad, best-selling author John Eldredge. Join the conversation as a father and son talk about pursuing beauty, dealing with money, getting married, chasing dreams, knowing something real with God, and how to find a life you can call your own. Killing Lions is more than fatherly advice.

It is an invitation into a journey: either to be the son who receives fathering or the father who learns what must be spoken. Most important, these conversations speak to a searching generation: You are not alone. Its not all up to you. You are going to find your way.
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JOHN ELDREDGE is that author of numerous best-selling books including Wild at Heart, Fathered by God, and Beautiful Outlaw. He is also director of Ransomed Heart, a ministry devoted to restoring men and women in the love of God. John lives in Colorado but adventures around the world - often with his sons.

SAM ELDREDGE began his writing career in second grade with a memorable essay on penguins. He graduated with a bachelor's in English and recently launched, an online magazine for men that he publishes with his two brothers.

Title Killing Lions
Teachers/Authors John & Sam Eldredge
Product Type Book
ISBN 9780718080860