Leviathan: King of Pride

Leviathan: King of Pride

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Pride lies at the heart of most sin and is one of the most powerful spiritual strongholds facing the end times church.

This teaching examines the spiritual foundation and biblical roots of pride and its devastating outworking in our lives. There will also be an examination of the infiltration and fruit of the Leviathan spirit as described in Scripture and in the ministry experience gained from the lives of those being set free from the bondage of pride. Paul Watson presents all this with his very clear, biblically-founded teaching.

  1. What is Pride?
  2. The Origin and Pervasiveness of Pride
  3. Leviathan - King of Pride
  4. The Objects of Pride and its Fruits
  5. The Roots of Pride
  6. Dealing with Pride
  7. What God Requires - Live Humbly

The follow-on from this teaching is 'Humility' also taught by Paul Watson.
PAUL WATSON previously held leadership roles in Ellel Sydney, Ellel Pierrepont in the UK, Ellel International and was Regional Director for Australia, the Pacific and India. He has returned to the Anglican Ministry and is pastoring a church in Western Australia.
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Title Leviathan: King of Pride
Teachers/Authors Paul Watson
Product Type Teachings (Audio)