Living as Children of the Father

Living as Children of the Father

(Truth & Freedom #37 of 55)

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This teaching will open your eyes to the reality of what it means to be a son or daughter of God and will help all those who feel they must strive in order to be accepted by God.

Michael explains that fathering and ‘son-ship’ are often not understood by Christians, and their relationship with God is based on a 'slave mentality’.

Michael teaches on the various stages of development Christians need to go through to be able to reflect and represent God’s Kingdom, and then reproduce it in relationships. 

As the world sinks into hopelessness, desperate people will turn for help to the truly mature sons and daughters of God.
The Truth & Freedom series brings anointed and dynamic teaching based on the renowned teaching program from Ellel Ministries. They are suitable as stand alone teachings.

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MICHAEL PUFFETT is a pastor and has an infectious enthusiasm for business, adventure and community impact. He has done strategic leadership development all around the world. Michael was the leader of the Jubilee Centre in the UK, which in the space of a few years started a church, several colleges and a number of local businesses, all with a strong Christian ethos.
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Title Living as Children of the Father
Teachers/Authors Michael Puffett
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