Living in the Freedom of the Spirit

Living in the Freedom of the Spirit

Becoming the Person God Intended You to Be

Many Christians find that there is a gap between what the Bible has to say about freedom and what they actually experience in their lives.

In this book, Tom Marshall emphasizes that the Gospel is for the whole person - spirit, soul and body. Biblical truth must be applied in all these areas - particularly in the area of the mind - in order to experience the fullness of freedom and life in the Spirit which God intends for all believers.
TOM MARHSALL, a New Zealander has travelled extensively as a Bible teacher. In addition to having been an author he was in great demand as a speaker at Bible Conventions, Conferences and Business Seminars. He died in 1993 but his ministry lives on through his books and the media.!

Title Living in the Freedom of the Spirit
Teachers/Authors Tom Marshall
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781852405328

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