Living Life God's Way

Living Life God's Way

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As if with a map and a compass, Peter Horrobin grabs you by the hand and guides you through a landscape of hidden truths. Peter uses real life testimonies, parables and illustrations to unlock some of the most difficult of life’s issues, that often make us stumble through our Christian walk. What never seemed to make sense is suddenly crystal clear – even for the most experienced Christian, helping all of us to discover how to Live Life God’s Way!

‘Living Life God’s Way’ is an immensely readable and practical book. In this revised and updated edition of ‘Living the Life – Practical Christianity for the Real World’, Peter Horrobin draws on his thirty-five years of Christian leadership to present the reader with a practical guidebook for living the Christian life. Peter explains how true discipleship and a deep relationship with Jesus are the sure foundation for spiritual fruitfulness. This book was written to help new Christians get established in their faith and to provide older Christians with the kind of realistic help that is needed to keep their lives on track with God.

“Peter… puts flesh on the bones of theology and shoes on its feet. He brings to the task the clear, clinical eye of the scientist; the problem-solving creativity of the engineer; the warm, compassionate heart of the disciple of Christ; the sensitive spirit of the pastor who never became a Pastor; and the risk-taking faith of the spiritual entrepreneur. This book will be an investment in the life of the believer – I found something happened to my own walk with Jesus as I read the manuscript!”
PETER HORROBIN is the founder and international director of Ellel Ministries and the author of numerous resources, including 'Healing through Deliverance', 'Forgiveness - God's Master Key' and the popular small group series 'Living the Life'. Peter’s greatest priority is bringing God’s healing to those in need and sharing from his extensive experience as he teaches others the principles and practice of the healing ministry.

Title Living Life God's Way
Teachers/Authors Peter Horrobin
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781852407582

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