Loved Like Never Before (Father Heart of God)

Loved Like Never Before (Father Heart of God)

Discovering the Father Heart of God

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Ken Symington identifies the fundamental issues that stop a person from receiving and experiencing the love of God in all its fullness. A relationship with God as our father is central to our experience of his love and is an area where so many believers are lacking.

The author uses over a decade of his experience in ministering to believers at a deep level in this area to bring healing and restoration. He passionately reaches out to those who have a broken father image and sets about to repair it whilst leaving the reader in no doubt just how loved and wanted they are by the Father.
“I know I have a heavenly Father because of Ken Symington”

Such was the impact of KEN SYMINGTON’S teaching on so many who heard him speak - dating from 1997 when he began blessing students as Associate Teacher with Ellel Ministries to his entering into glory in July 2022.

Ken was a passionate speaker and gifted storyteller - known for sharing deeply and profoundly from his own life’s experiences. Ken’s warm and funny style of teaching encouraged and inspired listeners to trust and obey the Word of God in every season of life. He founded the ministry Christian Restoration in Ireland which is involved in prayer ministry, teaching and discipleship training. Ken’s Loved Like Never Before is the book form of his cherished teaching on The Father Heart of God and both have had a profound effect on many lives. Ken was a loving family man, married to Linda for more than thirty years, with three sons, one daughter and four grandchildren. He is sorely missed by all who knew him and were impacted by his teaching, and we are blessed to still have this to offer to the world.

Title Loved Like Never Before (Father Heart of God)
Teachers/Authors Ken Symington
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781852405854

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