Overcoming Abandonment

Overcoming Abandonment

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There are few things more painful than being abandoned by those whom God intended you to be able to trust for protection and to stand with you.

It may be that you have been deserted by a spouse, rejected by your family or even given away at birth to someone else’s care. These things will hurt our inner being even if it was all long ago, and there is no conscious memory of the occasion.

You may have subsequently been offered love and care by others, but the deep wound and the associated, and possibly unrecognised, pain is likely to still be affecting your life. The inner scarring may be hidden and stealing your sense of well-being and affecting your ability to fulfil your destiny.

This course will unpack the long-lasting effects of being abandoned and how our Heavenly Father can bring His healing to our thinking and our deepest feelings, and how He desires to restore our unique identity.

These video teachings will unpack:
  1. The long-lasting effects of being abandoned
  2. How our Heavenly Father can bring His healing to our thinking and deepest feelings, and
  3. How our Heavenly Father desires to restore our unique identity.

DENISE CROSS is based at the Ellel Ministries centre Glyndley Manor in the UK and is an Executive Leader. Before joining Ellel Ministries in 1993, Denise was a maths teacher with a love of drama and creative expression. She is a gifted and lively teacher who loves to stir the hearts of believers to receive all the benefits of the abundant life that our Heavenly Father freely offers. Denise is married to David who is an Ellel Ministries Executive Leader and Regional Director for Ellel Ministries in Western Europe. They have three children and eight grandchildren.
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Title Overcoming Abandonment
Teachers/Authors Denise Cross
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