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'...Endurance produces character and [proven] character produces hope and hope does not put us to shame...' (Romans 5:4-5).

‘Proven’ explains the masculine journey men are meant to take. It examines the ways men are wounded, as well as the Father’s power to restore. ‘Proven’ calls us out to become the sons of God whom all creation is waiting to see revealed. 

Because we live in essentially “fatherless”times ... there remains something unfinished in us as men, if we are honest. We’ve been abandoned, either literally by our dads, or they were just too busy for us as boys.  All men carry a father-wound because no one’s dad is perfect. Our shame, our anger, our passivity, our driven-ness and addictions are all testimony to our struggle to discover real manhood.

This is designed to teach dads how to invest in their sons and call their daughters into true femininity. There is a masculine journey we are all meant to take as men. Most of us have never been shown what that journey looks like. “Proven” is designed to reset our compass towards that ancient path. (Jeremiah 6:16). 

    1. Reclaiming Ancient Paths
    2. Stage of the Masculine Journey
    3. Intentional Initiations & Rites of Passage
    4. How to Love Your Girl & Rites of Passage
    5. Dealing with the Poser
    6. The Wounds of Our Journey
    7. Breaking Bonds with Mother
    8. Taking Our Question to the Woman
    9. Facing the Father Wound
    10. Calling Out the Sons of God
    11. We Cannot Do This Alone

PAUL RYAN is the director of Ellel Ministries Sydney and was a senior pastor for many years before he and his wife, Joanne spent 2 years training at Ellel’s international headquarters in the UK. They returned to Australia in 2002 to help establish the first Australia Ellel Ministries centre in Sydney. Paul's challenging yet humorous teaching style comes with vulnerability and honesty, powerfully conveying biblically based kingdom truths. 
Note: This material is copyright and cannot be copied or distributed without written permission from Ellel Ministries Australia.

Title Proven
Teachers/Authors Ellel Sydney
Product Type Teachings (Audio)

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