Reclaiming the Ground

Reclaiming the Ground

The Biblical Basis and Practice of Breaking Curses on Land and Cleansing Buildings from Evil Spirits

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Now in it's second edition, this concise but detailed book brilliantly explains how the unseen realm has a powerful consequence on the growth, or lack of growth within individuals, churches and organizations.

Ken provides examples of how land and buildings can become defiled and cursed and how the wrong spiritual authority can be broken, bringing release. Fully backed up by scripture this book is a powerful tool in teaching us to reclaim the ground from the enemy.

“Ken Hepworth encapsulates the scriptural principles behind Ellel’s teaching on cleansing land and buildings in a concise and helpful manner. This teaching is of critical importance to the Body of Christ. It will help leaders to understand and overcome some of the reasons why long-term problems can hinder church growth and life” – Peter Horrobin, International Director of Ellel Ministries
KEN HEPWORTH is a man with a heart for God's people and a desire to see the Church, both locally and globally become all it is destined to be in Christ. He has served the local church for over 36 years as an evangelist, pastor and then teacher & prayer minister with Ellel Ministries.

Title Reclaiming the Ground
Teachers/Authors Ken Hepworth
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781852404994

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