Sheer Beauty

Sheer Beauty

Understanding a Woman’s True Inheritance - with Leigh Barkalow

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‘Sheer Beauty’ invites all women to enter a deeper and more lasting beauty, which Abba Father wants every woman to display here on earth.

This kind of beauty is born out of the trials and testings, the triumphs and tragedies of our lives. By God’s hand our identity is imparted and yet the call on our lives is hard fought for. ‘Sonship’ is bestowed by our Father and costs us nothing, but walking in our true glory costs us everything. Being a princess in the Kingdom is a gift, but becoming a Queen and reigning with Jesus is a destiny that has to battled for.

‘Sheer Beauty’ is designed to explore where we find ourselves in God’s Story and in the light of the hour we are currently living. It’s aimed at helping you understand your true inheritance as a woman and to help you display the beauty that Father always intended the world to see through you.

Beauty is essential!... Revealing that beauty - through a woman’s heart - is part of the essence of God.

LEIGH BARKALOW has committed the years of her life to personal study and development of a rich message that resounds with deep intimacy and love for God.

Because of her own personal journey, Leigh’s message brings unique understanding to what it means to walk with God through wilderness experiences and become those who will reign with the Lord in His purposes today, and in the days to come.

Leigh was a founding teacher on Ransomed Heart’s “Captivating” retreats and now runs “Sheer Beauty” retreats with The Noble Heart ministry that she runs with her husband, Gary.
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Title Sheer Beauty
Teachers/Authors Leigh Barkalow
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