Shepherd Love CD

Shepherd Love CD

His Heart Towards Me

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This CD is based upon readings from the book Shepherd Love (by Pamela Smith)

Shepherd Love CD (His Heart Towards Me) expresses the tender love and compassion of the Father heart of God, the holiness and gentleness of His intimate concern for His children. Jesus said "I am the Good Shepherd, my sheep hear my voice and follow me". John 10:14, 27 The author dedicates these words and scriptures as a source of encouragement to come still closer to the Good Shepherd that we might learn to recognise His voice.

"The words of this CD have ministered the healing and restoring love of God to hundreds of lives. There are few books or tapes that can minister to the hurting and broken directly. The 'Shepherd Love' words do just this." - Fiona Horrobin, Ellel Ministries

"Shepherd Love is the best 'relaxation tape' I could possibly offer to those who would be accepting. It not only heals the emotions but reaches right into the soul" - from a GP.

It is beautifully read by Mark Seddon of Premier Radio with a musical background of piano playing by Keith Routledge, except for the tract 'North wind, south wind' provided by Ellel Ministries Ltd.

1. Introduction
2. From the depths
3. Into the wilderness
4. Climb the mountain
5. Changeless in His love
6. Unfading beauty
7. Comfort in my affliction
8. Take new courage
9. You are there
10. The flame of love
11. My hiding place
12. Stills the waves
13. Upon the mountains
14. Choicest fruits
15. Like a child comforted
16. Secret riches
17. Dare to ask
18. Shadow of your wings
19. Rivers of delight
"I have been so blessed listening to 'Shepherd Love'. It has ministered to my heart and my spirit has been so uplifted as well."

"Mark Seddon reads with such a depth of compassion that it draws you close to Jesus and you can't help but receive. Many tears have flowed but I am comforted by the Lord's love."

"The beautiful piano playing of Keith Routledge in the background combines with the reading and I have found it soothing and easy on the ear. This tape is a treasure."

PAMELA SMITH has a background in art and nursing, has a son and two daughters and six grandchildren. She has been a friend and helper of Ellel Ministries since 1992, and has been involved with Healing Through Creativity Courses. As writer of the Shepherd Love Series, she has a passion for the comfort and encouragement that leads people towards enjoying abundant Life in Jesus.

Title Shepherd Love CD
Teachers/Authors Pamela Smith, Mark Sneddon & Keith Routledge
Product Type Music CDs