Sons of the Father

Sons of the Father

Healing the Father-Wound in Men Today

“I wish my dad and I were closer….”

“When your first child was born, did your father reach out to you with support, encouragement, or helpful advice?” Only five hands out of 350 dads at the conference went up.

“When you were around 11 or 12,” I asked another gathering of 150 men, “did your dad talk to you—in a helpful way--about girls and sex?” Only two hands.

It’s the same everywhere I’ve ministered around the world--regardless of nationality, race, age, education, or social status.

We men today are abandoned and left unequipped for manhood. The father of Lies capitalizes on our shame and blackmails us into isolation, denial, and a host of bogus cover-ups—from money and guns to alcohol, sex, and performance religion.

Meanwhile, the true Father of all men has come in Jesus to draw us back to Himself and to the man He created you to be.

Here’s the map to get you there.

Father God wants to be closer to you. It’s time to let Him.

    • The man who does not honor his father will dishonor his own manhood.
    • A little boy cries from his father’s wounds; a real man cries for his father’s wounds.
    • Knowing your father is more important than getting his apology.
    • ”Jesus, show me my dad the way you see him.”
    • Have you ever said to another man, “I need you”?
    • A man meets Father God not by trying to do it right, but by confessing he can’t.
    • “We wanted men to get sensitive” she said, “but we didn’t want them to get passive. What happened?"

A pioneer in the Christian men’s movement, Gordon Dalbey has blazed the trail not only to the heart of the wound, but to the heart of the Healer.

If you’re ready to face your wound, seek your true Father’s healing, and trust His call to manhood, Sons of the Father is for you.

GORDON DALBEY's first book, Healing the Masculine Soul, helped to pioneer the Christian men's movement in 1988 and was followed by Sons of the Father: Healing the Father Wound in Men Today and Fight Like a Man: Redeeming Manhood for Kingdom Warfare. He is a popular speaker at conferences and retreats around the world and has appeared on many radio and TV programs.

Title Sons of the Father
Teachers/Authors Gordon Dalbey
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