Standing Firm in the End Times (Online Course) with Alistair Petrie

Standing Firm in the End Times (Online Course) with Alistair Petrie

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We are entering into a very different season in the global arena! God is inviting us to a new way of thinking - His way.

In this course we will look at some of the profound changes going on in our midst and God’s terms for calling us into all He has waiting for us. As we pursue learning - or re-learning - His ways, we are given an inherent blessing which will enable us to stand firm in these end times while the systems of the world attempt an impossible rescue.

It is not a time merely to look simply for the deeds or works of the Lord and chase after what feels good, or to attempt to redefine Him on our terms. Rather it is now a season for chasing His heart, and in so doing, we will experience both His ways and His deeds in a manner that can yet change lives and communities before His Return.

  1. Reset in the Church – Signs we are in the End Times
  2. Choose Your Battles – What is Truth and what is Deception?
  3. Change of Season – How to Reclaim the Ground in our Lives, Homes and Spheres of Influence
  4. Practical Steps – Living and Praying with Kingdom Focus amidst Global Turmoil

For many years in both the United Kingdom and Canada, REV. DR. ALISTAIR PETRIE served as senior pastor in diverse city church settings. With that experience and his earlier years spent in professional broadcasting, he now serves as the Executive Director of Partnership Ministries, a global ministry that teaches the principles for lasting revival, authentic transformation and the release of Kingdom culture to communities, cities, nations and the marketplace. As well as being an international speaker, Alistair is the author of several books. Alistair is married to Marie and along with their two sons, Mike and Richard, their entire family serve the wider church and the marketplace in the global arena.

Title Standing Firm in the End Times (Online Course) with Alistair Petrie
Teachers/Authors Alistair Petrie
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