Tender Warrior

Tender Warrior

Every Man's Purpose, Every Woman's Dream, Every Child's Hope

Leader. Protector. Friend. Lover.

God made you to be each of these...and much more.

A revised and updated edition of Stu Weber's bestseller that paints a dramatic and compelling picture of balanced manhood according to God's vision.

The definition of manhood itself is obscured by a culture in moral free fall. But this book cuts through the fog and defines a powerful blueprint for being the man--the Tender Warrior--that God desires for you and your family.

Written in a warm, personal style, Weber presents the characteristics of tender warriors--including learning to speak the language of women, watching out for what lies ahead, and keeping commitments--in an upfront, straightforward style that challenges readers to realize God's plan for men.

Stu Weber's now classic teaching on a man's vigilance, staying power, and consideration for the women in his life will move you to pursue the man you were created to be.
STU WEBER was senior pastor of Good Shepherd Community Church near Gresham, Oregon for more than three decades. He is a much-in-demand international speaker and a popular author.

Title Tender Warrior
Teachers/Authors Stu Weber
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781590526132