The Battleground

The Battleground

(Truth & Freedom #21 of 55)

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Do you understand the nature of the forces at work over the organisations in your town or city?

This teaching will help you understand the spiritual battle you are in as you seek to pray for revival and transformation of your community, city and nation. 

Tom explains that, whether we like it or not, we are all involved in a spiritual battle.

Cities, organisations and companies have what can be called a 'corporate spirit' that reflects something of mankind that creates these structures.

It is a fallen spirit that the demonic seeks to overlay in order to control the structure, and reinforce its inherent rebellious and idolatrous nature.

Spiritual warfare includes casting out the demonic stronghold and redeeming the structure for God’s purposes. 

The Truth & Freedom series brings anointed and dynamic teaching based on the renowned teaching program from Ellel Ministries. They are suitable as stand alone teachings.

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TOM MARHSALL, a New Zealander has travelled extensively as a Bible teacher. In addition to having been an author he was in great demand as a speaker at Bible Conventions, Conferences and Business Seminars. He died in 1993 but his ministry lives on through his books and the media.
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Title The Battleground
Teachers/Authors Tom Marshall
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