The Gifts of the Spirit

The Gifts of the Spirit

Understanding and Receiving God's Supernatural Power in Your Life

Every believer has been given at least one supernatural gift of the Holy Spirit. Do you know which you have and how to operate in it? 
Internationally renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince explains that any believer who is not manifesting gifts of the Spirit is living far below the level of God's provision for his life. 

Prince reveals how to:
  • Minister to others through the gifts
  • Discern the counterfeit Witness through spiritual gifts
  • Stir up the gift within you

One of our greatest necessities in the church today is to demonstrate through the power of the Spirit that Jesus is alive and that His gospel is true. The world needs to see the manifestation of the presence of God. Believers need the ministry of the body of Christ through spiritual gifts. The Gifts of the Spirit reveals how we can fulfill both of these needs--practically and powerfully.
DEREK PRINCE is the author of more than 50 books, 600 audio and 100 video teachings, many of which have been translated into more than 100 languages. He founded Derek Prince Ministries International and his gift of explaining the Bible in a clear, simple way has helped build a foundation of faith in millions.

Title The Gifts of the Spirit
Teachers/Authors Derek Prince
Product Type Book
ISBN 9780883682913