The God-Life

The God-Life

Letters of the Apostle Paul

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This powerfully inspired version of most of Paul’s letters, reveals the heart of God for His people in the most extraordinary of ways. Jim Graham gets right to the core of the Apostle Paul’s writings, opens our eyes to see afresh God’s intentions for Christian living and challenges us to live our lives accordingly.

Variously described by pre-publication reviewers as a “superb interpretation”, a “brilliant paraphrase”, a “spiritual treasure” and a ”remarkable book by an extraordinary man of God”, this could be the most important book Sovereign World has ever published. Destined to be an essential classic.
REV JIM GRAHAM has been one of Peter Horrobin’s (founder of Ellel Ministries International) closest friend for almost 25 years. Jim has taught at different Ellel centres and conferences on many occasions and his fatherly input, encouragement, correction and direction have always been immensely valued. He served as an ordained pastor for 27 years, ministered worldwide and was President of British Youth for Christ for 10 years.!

Title The God-Life
Teachers/Authors Jim Graham
Product Type Book
ISBN 9781852407445

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